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Mistral Gagnant

To sit on bench for 5 minutes alongside you,
To watch people as they go by,
To talk with you of good time that have gone or will comeback holding your hand and feeling your little fingers,
Giving food to idiotic pigeons
And faking kicks for fun,
To listen to laugh that cracks up the walls
But really heals my wounds,
To tell you how I was as a kid,
The wonderful sweets that we stole from the shop,
Car-en-Sac and Mints, one franc caramels,
and the Mistral Gagnants. (Mistral Gagnants being a type of sweets.)
To walk under the rain 5 minutes alongside you,
To watch life as it goes by,
To tell you about earth as my eyes devour you,
To talk about your mother a little,
And jumping in puddles to get her annoyed,
Ruining our shoes and laughing,
To hear your laugh as the sea's sound,
To stop and turn around,
Te tell you about past Carambars et the Coco Bohères,
The real Roudoudous that cut our lips,
And ruined our teeth,
And the Mistral Gagnants. (Roudoudous, Carambars and Coco Bohères are all sweets.)
To sit on a bench 5 minutes alongside you,
And to watch the sun as it leaves,
To talk about the good times that are gone and I don't care,
To tell you that the bad guys aren't us,
That if I am crazy it is only because of your eyes,
And they benefit from being two,
To hear your laugh rise up so high,
That away the bird's cry flies,
To tell you to love life,
Love it even if, time is a murderer,
That takes away children's laugter,
And the Mistral Gagnants,
And the Mistral Gagnants.
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Mistral gagnant

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gregoire.tricoiregregoire.tricoire    Sun, 14/09/2014 - 18:10

Your author comment is wrong, Mistral Gagnant is not about Renaud's girlfriend, it is about his daughter Lolita, hence the "To talk about your mother a little" that let us know about his then recent separation from his wife.

Lets Chill PageLets Chill Page    Tue, 23/06/2020 - 02:33

Ho my gosh lol the worse explanation I have hear about a song lol hahaha Froggy 91 you want make Renaud pass for an old perv or what ? This song is about his daughter.

silencedsilenced    Tue, 23/06/2020 - 02:40

The explanation is wrong, but your sarcasm won't make it better. He who never sinned, etc.

Lets Chill PageLets Chill Page    Thu, 25/06/2020 - 21:10

I'm kidding, don't take it bad. It was funny, that's all. :)))

silencedsilenced    Thu, 25/06/2020 - 23:23

Bah it's ok, It's too late to mitigate the damage anyway.
Still, this is embarrassing. For the guy who wrote it and the 200+ people who thanked the nonsense...
Unfortunately the guy doesn't seem to be around and this translation does not break any site rule, so it'll have to stay.
Bah, there are worse false truths around.

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