Revolverheld - Mit dir chill'n (English translation)

English translation

To chill with you

On hot summer days
I almost froze to death
from stress and rush
that lived inside me everyday
Yesterday's s**t
still bugs me
No time for dreams when I
crawled out of my room on the morning
And how many times
did I imagine
I had time for you
and I had time for me
But the whole vicious cycle
let's me see nothing
but little time
and too much loneliness
To chill with you
that's what I want
this evening nothing is important
except for me to chill with you
just let time stand still for a while
and let the world go crazy without us
Come on, we emigrate
and move into this song
I feel the sun, nice to know that she's still
Far away again
from reality
a thousand times cooler than lined up in the daily grind
To be there
without you
Already the thought makes me shiver
No, I don't want that
I've already been there
have been through all this already
I want stay here and pass time with you
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Mit dir chill'n

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