Alizée - Moi Lolita (English translation)

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Me, my name is Lolita
Lo or else Lola
That's the same thing
Me, my name is Lolita
When I dream of wolves
It's Lola who bleeds
When I have a slip of my tongue,
I've got there a crazy laugh
as crazy as a phenomenon,
my name is Lolita
Lo of life (lo sounds like l'eau - l'eau de vie "the water of life"), lo the diluvial love (hard to translate this one - amours is plural but in English love is only singular. Again, lo aux -l'eau - here could mean water)
Me, my name's Lolita
College girl below
Methylene blue jeans (bleus mean jeans, so it could be a particular type of jeans)
Me, my name's Lolita
Angry and
not half cotton, half wool
Silence and mouth don't say
to mom that I'm a phenomenon
My name's Lolita
lo of life, lo the diluvial love
It's not my fault
And when I give my tongue to cats (it means when I give up)
I see the others
All ready to throw themselves on me
It's not my fault to me
If I hear everything around me
Hello, helli, you're A (L.O.L.I.T.A)
Me, Lolita
Submitted by Jean-Étienne Bertrand on Thu, 01/12/2011 - 15:12
Author's comments:

sometimes it's hard to translate to English because the song is full of word games and some slang, that often have no meaning in English, but they do in French


Moi Lolita