Moment in the sun

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Moment in the sun (English) — The period during which a person or thing achieves the greatest level of success, acclaim, or appreciation. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Translations of "Moment in the sun"

EnglishDay in the sun
EnglishTime in the sun
FrenchAvoir son quart d'heure de gloire
ItalianMomento di gloria
ItalianCinque minuti di gloria

"Moment in the sun" in lyrics

when all the days are done
and there will be no sorrow
for all my races run
if I truly love the moment in the sun
don't let it slip away
live forever in a day

Toše Proeski - Forever in a day

Am I not the man who I was meant to be?

As the people gather round me, I never felt so all alone.
Is this the chance to be someone, my moment in the sun?
Why am I afraid of facing the unknown?

Dream Theater - The Answer

The fame will fade
And all the word will forget about me
But it's alright, I got more than I could ever ask
We had our fun, a shining moment in the sun
The devil and I

The Dark Element - Only One Who Knows Me