France D'Amour - Mon frère (English translation)

English translation

My Brother

It was you who swam
In my only river
It was you who jumped
Over my barriers
You who set foot
In my virgin forest,
On my private paths,
On secret roads
You played hide-and-seek
In a very peculiar way
I'm sorry, but you cheated
How could you,
How could you, my brother?
It was you who opened up
That forbidden passage
You who looked on
As my landscape bloomed
It was you who received
My rains and my sobs
I still see you, barefoot,
Playing in my water puddles
[Chorus] (x2)
Alright, you no longer come
To swim in my river
And you no longer jump
Over my barriers
But it still hangs in the air,
The all too familiar smell
Of this game of love
I was learning to make
It was you who buried
In my heart and my earth
This ever growing shame
How could you,
How could you, my brother?
If there is a path
To turn back time,
You've shown me so much,
Show it to me, my brother
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Mon frère

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