Money Talks

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Money Talks (English) — Το χρήμα μιλά

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Money Talks — Para tüm kapıları açar

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"Money Talks" in lyrics

I’m fucked up, tore down
I’m twisted: door knob
Talk stupid? Off with your head!
Nigga, money talks, and Mr. Ed
I’m so Young Money got a drum on the gun
Energizer bunny

Drake - The Motto

But baby watchin' all that shit though
When you get the fame, that's how things goes
And everybody talk that talk though
But when the money talks, we can talk more

[Hook 2]

Tyga - Down For A Min

Since you let it all fall through
You send love letters, you call too
Wish you could buy it back
You say money talks, it speaks volumes
And I hear it, get lost in the moment
It's the little things that do it for a girl

Pia Mia - Complicated

Big bank take a little bank
Everyday spillin' up drank
She want the whole crew, shawty brave
When the money talks, what is there to say?
Blow away, watch it blow away
When I die can't take it to the grave

Rae Sremmurd - Swang

Keith Sweat.
Weezy, motherfucker.
Capo in this bitch with me.
Money talks and have a convo in this bitch with me.
I'm mountain high Colorado in this bitch with me.
Flow crazy. 730, you just 650.

Nicki Minaj - Roger That

Birth of a son, death of another
With love I can rest both mothers
And told ‘em, who’s in control is the one thats above us
I walk where money talks and love stutters
Body language of a nation going through changes
The young become dangerous, pain gets spent into anger

Common - The Believer

Always here, always on time
Close call, was it love or was it just easy
Money talks when people need shoes and socks,
Steady boys, I'm thinking she needs me

The Killers - Tranquilize

Be too cool to ever be
With a tiger by your side

Money talks a single side
Paid my dues to move the tide
Caught the moonlight in my shoe

Empire of the Sun - Tiger By My Side

I'm tryna be great at something
Spend, not saving nothin'
Flying from the Bay to London
They say money talks but you ain't saying nothin' shh
Now try and shade me, I'm like, "I guess"
Why yes, you drive a Toyota, please define flex

G-Eazy - Random

Sipping champagne like I sip beer
Niggas thought they ran tings tort's and hair
nigga oh yea
When money talks I listen, swear the uk rap scene got another millionaire


Tinie Tempah - 100K

Money talks
Money talks
Money talks
Money talks

J.J. Cale - Money Talks

You'll never be Jordan, you're more Patrick Ewing (yeah)
Number one spot, I'm pursuing (ayy)
Exclusive like "who let you in?"
Money talks, I speak it fluent
Got tired of my b*tch, I went got a new one
Quick swish that

G-Eazy - The Plan

Ok, the haters are talking behind my back, so this is their only recourse
It's okay as long as they keep quiet when I turn
And the wheel turns, ours is still broken
In general, everyone is silent when money talks
Ok, I saw upside because of talking too much about rap
I have so much walked awry than the Tower of Pisa seems right

Black M - The eyes bigger than... Youssoupha

Time, life itself goes on.

From beyond the shrinking skies,
Where money talks and leaves us hypnotized,
It don't pave the way.

Portishead - Half Day Closing

Where I came from I forgot too soon
East of the sun and west of the moon

Money talks and hey, I'm listening
I've lived without it enough to miss it, yeah
Where I'm going I'll get there soon

A-ha - East Of The Sun

Man, when that cookie crumble, everybody want a crumb
Shoot that hummingbird down, hummingbird don't hum
Yea, big money, big money, deep pockets
Money talks, and motherfuckers eavesdropping
Bunch of bloods, you could call it blood clotting
Eastside, MOB Piru Damu

Lil Wayne - Blunt Blowin

Knocked into next week
Fuck recession, 'cause prices don't drop
Learn the lesson, you're the resource
Money talks, that's the confession
So depressing to see you forming a line
Behind the other man

Cyclonious - Peak

A wise man once said, (yessir)
Money talks real loud...
Bullshit whispers
(High as fuck right now)

Juicy J - Been Gettin' Money

Six guys are sitting in a sauna
And talking like we use to talk sometimes
First the money talks, then dreams
In the end everyone shares their sorrows

Matti Johannes Koivu - We won't reminisce about Monday

We're living in
(We're living in, we're living in a fool's, fool's, fool's paradise)

Put on a brave face, your mouth is shut but money talks
I got a headache, the siren's getting louder now
Leave through the back door, blacked out Mercedes Benz is waiting

XYLØ - Fool's Paradise

M-Town ride smokin' blunts
We up, keep up, my chips, cheese puffs
That's real dope
See us Gd up, money talks, speak up
Sleep, what for?
I get some rest when I croak

Juicy J - Ballin'

Nothing around but the sound
Of my heart and your sighs

Money Talks
But it don't sing and dance
And it don't walk

Neil Diamond - Forever in Blue Jeans

Nobody knows, nobody cares
But money talks, then it'd give a damn
We stand alone, better start to run
We're blinded by the sun

Alexander Vasiliou - Children Of Tomorrow

A lot of money goes into The record labels
And I just wanna put A little food on my table
And give the world what to sing about
But money talks and money walks
And I’m running out

Yoely Lebovits - The Copyright Project

Incompleteness won't work anymore, maybe you won't sell anymore because you sleep too long
Despite being just awake, food into the microwave the same ready-mix salad everyone else eat too
The eyes turn 180 degrees, the introvert trying to make contact with his own gaze from the back of his skull
Too deep, not it in a good way, not in a bad way, money talks like a mute, I need to force my pen on the paper
I no longer make any notes, I just mess with the words, always someone will spot with lights
But without them I take whatever I can

Huge L - Changes

I can guarantee you that it’s fire, somewhere in they first verse they will say you garbage
I'm a motherfucking problem
Money talks im talking a mill
Mac is out don’t gotta conceal
Mad 'cause I ain't gotta conceal

Snow tha Product - Flexicution

I get that money and I blow it like it's hot
They be like Lito boy you stuntin like your pops
But he ain't never been this up you need to stop
They say that money talks but bitch my money shouts
If we ain't talking money what we talking about
I'm eating good I got these carrots in my mouth

Young lito - From the bottom

Death signs with no feelings
Killers world, we'll keep digging
Find the gold and keep digging
Money talks I keep wishing
Them bummy boys, they fake living like
Who the fuck are they watching boy

Escobars - Anytime Anywhere

Take back all your love 'cause
Fake words ain't enough, no
I gave it all, so emotional
But you only care how your money talks
One rose, layin' on your grave 'cause
You pushed everyone away, but

Charli XCX - Porsche

Don't talk about money
Cos money talks
Don't take a picture hourly
I seen em all

Don Broco - Technology

(But that's how it goes)

I don't wanna doubt you
Your love is really true but you see money talks
can easily flip your thoughts

Big Bang - Come Be My Lady

So keep rotting your bones
Nothing else matters as cash burns

And as money talks and the bullshit walks
It brings smiles today again
You are what eat you up, you're happy again

Rabia Sorda - Money Talks (And Rots)