Monumento Vivo (English translation)

  • Artist: Daniela Mercury
  • Song: Monumento Vivo
  • Translations: English
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Living Monument

There, where your statue is located
Our love gets complete
There is plenty of pain and pleasure
The light spreads through the square
And the shadow of your hand protrudes from the statue
To give and receive is your creation
There, where your statue is located
And where the monument is alive
Every moment is a reason
To celebrate
There, I only promise I will love you
Every night, every day
My mulatto, my amulet
My ghetto, my Bahia1
Peace, I want peace
What I really want
Is to forget my griefs
Oh, oh, oh, oh
It feels so hot here
It feels so hot here
I want to drink some water
Water, water, water
To kill the thirst of this crowd
Water, water, water
To wash my soul and my heart
  • 1. One of the Brazilian states
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Monumento Vivo

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