Moomin [Opening theme] (Latin Spanish) (English translation)

  • Artist: Moomin (OST) (楽しいムーミン一家)
  • Song: Moomin [Opening theme] (Latin Spanish)
  • Translations: English

Moomin [Opening theme] (Latin Spanish)

Aquí están para todo el mundo
los moomin están por llegar
ven a sentarte aquí conmigo
juntos vamos a disfrutar
con los moomin (x2)
Dame tu mano y ven conmigo
voy a llevarte al país de los moomin
volaras como las aves
y cantaras la mejor canción
la de los moomin (x2)
Son los moomin (x4)
Pa pa pa...
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The Moomin [Opening]

Here they are for the world,
the Moomin will soon arrive.
Come and sit here with me,
together we will have fun
with the Moomin. [x2]
Give me your hand and come with me,
I will take you to the land of the Moomin,
you will fly like the birds
and you will sing the best of songs,
the song of the Moomin. [x2]
They are the Moomin [x4]
Pa, pa, pa...
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