Moosehorn Lake (English translation)

  • Artist: P'tit Belliveau
  • Song: Moosehorn Lake
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Moosehorn Lake

There's a camp deep in the woods,
It's one of my favourite places.1
No phone, or running water, or electricity.
Not everyone would like that
But for me it's true beauty.
I would love to be with my buddies
At Moosehorn Lake.
We bring all our instruments
And many cases of beer.
We're always cooking
Something on the old wood-burning stove.
Maxwell House boiling on the fire,
It's the best coffee.
I would love to be with my buddies
At Moosehorn Lake.
At Moosehorn Lake.
I moved in the heat wave,
Sun burning all the time.
But I've got no fear of working
To make my money.
When I work outside for 10 hours straight
In 40 degree weather,
I think of being with my buddies
At Moosehorn Lake.
I've been told to move to the city,
It'd be exciting.
Nah, I've got nothing against city folk,
But they're different.
If they made the trip,
They'd be able to appreciate
Being deep in the woods
At Moosehorn Lake.
At Moosehorn Lake.
Fifteen years from now,
I don't know what I'll be doing.
And if the camp is still there
It'll be run down.
Many of my greatest memories,
It's there that they were formed.
I'd love to be with my buddies
At Moosehorn Lake.
And 50 years from now
The camp will be in ruins2
Anything that remains
The forest will have eaten.
I hope that we'll be able to see it,
We can get to know each other again.
I would love to be with my buddies
At Moosehorn Lake.
At Moosehorn Lake.
  • 1. I don't know what "y'in" means. I believe the overall meaning of the line should be pretty close regardless.
  • 2. I don't know what "fera déboulée" means here. From some googling, this is my best guess.
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This translation isn't perfect - I'm not completely fluent and have some familiarity with Quebec French, but only passing familiarity with Acadian French.

Corrections/input from fluent speakers, especially Acadians or Quebecois, would be very welcome!

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Moosehorn Lake

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