Chima - Morgen (English translation)

  • Artist: Chima (Chimaobinna Enyiakanwanne Onyele)
  • Album: Stille (2012)
  • Song: Morgen
English translation


I pull the blanket over my head
The day passes me by
The sun smiles through the window
My ass is as heavy as lead
Birds tweet melodies
Is it really already after three
Even taking a shower's too much for me
And every phone call is torture
The refrigerator is empty
Fine then, cornflakes with water
Like a vampire, I come
Out the door at sundown
I see how the city pulsates
Because out there everyone functions
They all have goals, do their thing
What's up with me?
Tomorrow, I'll be back in the saddle
And tomorrow, no more excuses
Tomorrow, because I can't today
Tomorrow, I'll start all over again
Tomorrow, I'll take my life in hand
Not until tomorrow, but then for real, man
Tomorrow, and if not tomorrow
Then when then?
I stare up at the ceiling
Out into the clear starry night
And while the city sleeps
I lie awake turning my problems over and over
Actually I've still got
A mountain of things to do
I've got every reason to sleep
Anything else would not be cool
I let myself worry
And I dream of things
I wish were in my life
Things I burn for
But that's all I do
Actually I don't want to be here
They all pass me by
They all have goals, do their thing
What's up with me
Yesterday, today was already tomorrow
Yesterday, today was already tomorrow
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Author's comments:

Oh no! This is the song of my life! Wink smile



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