Movimento perpétuo associativo (English translation)

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Perpetual Associative Movement

This is it, we'll turn this around!
This is it, the wheels are turning!
This is it, I can feel the optimism!
Onwards, no one will stop us!
Not now, it's lunch time...
Not now, it's dinner time...
Not now, 'cause I don't think I can...
I have to work tomorrow...
This is it, we've full strength!
This is it, there's hope in this fight!
This is it, nothing but good people!
Onwards, no one will stop us!
Not now, my belly hurts...
Not now, they say it's going to rain...
Not now, Benfica is playing tonight...
And I've better things to do...
This is it, sing with soul!
This is it, I can feel the unity!
This is it, I can hear freedom!
Onwards, this is the way!
Not now, there's a form missing...
Not now, my dad doesn't want me to...
Not now, there's too much traffic...
Go on without me, I'll meet you there...
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Movimento perpétuo associativo

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