Sui Generis - Mr Jones, o pequeña semblanza de una familia tipo americana (English translation)

English translation

Mr. Jones, or small sketch of an american family

Mr jones opened the door,
Saw her mother already dead
And he cleaned the blood of his jacket.
He kept her mother in the wardrobe
He put more wood to the fireplace
And the very raw winter came closer.
He called his wife and said:
"Mom is dead in the wardrobe",
"Of course, I killed her myself.
She set the table wrong
So I blew her head with an axe
And she stained the carpet with blood"
What a pity!
And Mr Jones was working
And her wife was killing
And the kids were running over there.
They were eating the birds,
The dogs and the cats
And other bugs wandering there.
And the police came
With two cars and a trolley
To incarcerate the whole family.
"I don't know why, seargent,
You take me to the detachment,
If we're a very normal family"
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Mr Jones, o pequeña semblanza de una familia tipo americana