Mr. Raggamoffin (English translation)

  • Artist: L.L. Junior
  • Also performed by: Tóth Gabi
  • Song: Mr. Raggamoffin
  • Translations: English
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Mr. Raggamoffin

My ladies and gentlemen listen to our extraordinary news
A new and currently unknown virus has spread in Hungary
The clubs, the discotheques, and the media are now infected
The virus’ name is raggamoffin, its carrier is 23 year old
Budapest resident L.L. Junior
My hat, my stuff, my haircut is niiiiice.
Brother, let the hunt begin
I go out to my favourite cluuuub
The vibe is bangin’ because I feel like picking up giiiiirls
And then the one cutie is calling over to you
Hey, isn’t that Junior over there?
Yeah, indeed, I'm feeling alright(1), I’m chillin', laid back at the bar ah
But I can sit around here longer
Why not?
Because the dance floor calls the music is waiting
Let’s go, let’s go and get the dancing started
When I go down to the dance floor, the blood gets pumping,
Now they are starting to feel why this ragamoffin is my music
Everyone’s spinning on the floor, everyone sees that
L L hasn’t had a partner the whole night, because
I don’t like those stuck up chicks
that you wine and dine and then get no sex afterwards
When you could leave with anyone, I know when there is nothing else
So tell now what are these theatrics for?
Of course, if I just need to love you then I can give you that
so watch....
I could very much fall in love with you, darling, oh
In a double bed all night
The next morning we’ll say bye bye
But at least we would have a good night
I could very much fall in love with you, darling, oh
In a double bed all night
The next morning we’ll say bye bye baby
But I’ll come back to you again
Back, back...I’ll come back to you again (4x)
At parties the djs all know well, ah
The authentic music called (ah) Mr. Ragamoffin L. L. Junior (ah, ah)
The rhythm rages,I feel my blood boil
The girls drop their dresses in a row, ah
The suckers give them the thirsty spiel
So come on this rhythm, move in now
Here at the party the good mood stays
So loosen up and let yourself go
I could fall in love... (2x)
Back, back...I’ll come back to you again (4x)
I could fall in love... (2x)
I could fall in love!
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Author's comments:

(1) el el-vagyok can mean "I'm feeling good/alright" but the pronunciation is the same if you write it "L L vagyok" which would mean "I am (indeed) L L." Possibly a pun by the artist, can't really translate back into English.


Mr. Raggamoffin

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