Tic Tac Toe - Mr Wichtig (English translation)

English translation

Mr. Important

Hey Baby-Boy show it to me
Your me your awesome ahhhh, yes!!!
Watch me!!! Hey!!!
I lie on the beach and the sun shines down on my butt
I am totally relaxed and enjoy their show
I lick my ice and start to dream
While watching them getting a tan on their awesome bodies
Oh Baby baby, if you knew what I think
I start to feel so hot, oh I really need drink now
I head for the bar and order a banana flip
And in thoughts you do a strip for me
Suddenly he stands there and says I know what you need
Hey baby, I've seen you watching me
You turn me on so you get a kiss now
Come, don't be shy, you know that this has to happen now
Hey Mr. Important you don't do this right
This might have been a bit too fast
This might have been not so original
Hey Mr. Important you seem to be out of your mind
First you create a show here
Yes and then your standards are sinking rapidly
He must have understood that, suddenly he is all correct
He still seems to be nice and asks me what I would like
I ask him, what do you mean
Do you mean what I think you do, or do you just think that you think
You know what I mean, I think you know what I want
He says, now finally be silent, that was all just a game
The way you look at me, we seem to have the same aim
I think we should slowly start to leave the beach
I will show you something that will make you go pale
We drive at the speed of 180 through the city
I am all exicited what he has to offer
We land in bed and then everything happens really fast
And that seems to have been a flop
Submitted by Steena on Sun, 21/02/2010 - 14:05
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