Mojinos Escozios - Mucha Polisia (English translation)

English translation

Lots of cops

I went out to the street looking for rock and roll
and I met a robber turning the corner
I told him I was the singer of the Mojinos
to see if I had the same thing as Joaquin Sabina
I told him I'd dedicate him a song
I told him I'd dedicate him a whole album
but I supposed he didn't recognize me
when he put his knife in my throat
He stole my shoes, he stole my purse
he stole my watch, he stole my chains
he stole my rings, he stole my money
he even stole the rubber band of my hair!
and I who always commit a deal
when its between gentlemen
I promised him that in all my shows
I'd shit on his dead ancestors
After robbing me, the thief recognized me
and told me to dedicate him a song in my next album
I said yes but give me back my money
and he put again his knife in my throat
Lots of cops
lots of cops
lots of cops
that's what I wanted to come
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Submitted by Diazepan Medina on Sat, 08/07/2017 - 15:52
Author's comments:

This song makes fun of the Joaquin Sabina song "Pacto entre Caballeros" (a deal between gentlemen), which was inspired when a robber assaulted Joaquin and when the robber found out who he was, he returned him his things and went to have a drink.


Mucha Polisia