Murphy's law

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Murphy's law (English) — When anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. That's Murphy's Law.

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Murphy's law — Ό, τι είναι να πάει στραβά θα πάει

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Russianзакон подлости

"Murphy's law" in lyrics

Es ist leider so
Nix und niemand in der Welt funktioniert reibungslos
Und ich sags ja, es ist wirklich wahr
Sogar in der Liebe da regiert Murphy's Law

Und es macht Bam und es macht Bam

Jan Delay - Little Miss Anstrengend

And if you were paid for the bullshit you're saying
You would have gained so much money from the double-shifts
I let it flow and come
Something like Murphy's law
And as long as i'm standing to mock my bad luck
every now and then R.F. will be coming back

Rapsodos Filologos - Triliza(a mini-game)

Unfortunately it's like that
Nothing and no one in the world works properly
And I say it, it's really true
Even in love rules Murphy's Law

No, it does Boom and it does Bang

Jan Delay - Little Miss Tiring

What can go wrong, will go wrong
Everything takes longer than you think
If you like it or not, there’s never an answer
It looks easy, but is still hard

I frankly think that’s bull shit

Bosse - About Murphy

you've got Champagne in your vains, while I'm a suspect.
The hyena of the suburb, I brought hunger with me.
Tell me, "father state", (do you hear me now?)
Blind society, Murphy's law
Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are,
my world, my Clique, my gang but that's it.

Fard - Astaghfirolla

some things in life just...

Murphy, Murphy's Law! [x4]

Waiting at the bus station

Banjoory - Murphy's Law

She issued my warning with class
She blew warm air
On the end of her pen
She issued my warning with grace
Her little nervous wrist
Shaking her blue Bic

Renan Luce - In love with a cop

so that I just go and come and go and come
and everything's still here

That Murphy's law works, not funny any more,
Every chance left later pay back
And after working so hard, the situation arouses suspicion

Põhja-Tallinn - I go and come

Should have been a lovely day, didn't end that way
Then, everything turns to shit, first it came the rain

Murphy's law has decided to wreck my hairdo
A man asks me for a direction, I kindly help him
In fact, he was flirting with me, and this asshole just made me lose my tram

Angèle - Murphy's Law

It ain't easy
I tell you, baby, it ain't easy being me

I'm a living, breathing proof of Murphy's law
I was going to run, but I forgot how to walk
I'm the deafest, dumbest blind man I never saw

David Mullen - It Ain't Easy