Luiz Lins - A música mais triste do ano (English translation)

English translation

The Year's Saddest Song

Dear, when our wine get bitter or lose its flavor
When my make-up gets smudged and the photos fade
Will you still heat me when there's not even heat left for me?
And when the cigarette dies off, will the ashes and the freshness have been worth it?
When our song plays, will you still remember the rhythm?
When the world hurts me, will you still want to ease my pain?
Your voice and your breath are my favorite noises
But when I forget to live, your eyes will still remind me of who I am
Will you still want to wake up with my touch and listening to my voice?
Will your life still mean anything if our life was all that was left for you?
When you get tired, my hug will still be your shelter
But when life ends, will you still want to go wherever I go?
Will you still smile when I'm your only reason?
Will you still hear what I say even when I only want to talk about love?
Will you still try to understand me when I no longer make sense?
And will you still be with me after you see my worst side?
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A música mais triste do ano

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