Мы летали (My letali) (English translation)

  • Artist: Flëur
  • Song: Мы летали (My letali)
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We Were Flying

We were flying, we were just like kids...
We were waiting, holding our breath,
For a forbidden door to our lost memories
That will once be open.
And behind our frozen window,
Like near the pale searchlight of the Eternity,
Gentle snowflakes were falling down
On transparent palms of the evening...
And clouds were passing slowly,
Like dreams of thoughtful angels
But it was windy on the very edge...
And it was scary to forget about the main thing.
Ascending above the old roofs,
We were looking above, we were charmed
Skies were closer to us,
Putting a spell on us, enchanting us...
A real world remained beneath us
We forgot about it...can't believe that!
We trusted the stars, we were thoughtless
And we were burnt in their rainbow trail...
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Мы летали (My letali)

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