My Little Pony: A New Generation (OST) - Fit Right In


Fit Right In

Izzy Moonbow:
I thought Earth ponies were the pony ladder's bottom rung
I heard the pegasi are brutes you'd hate to be among
"You smell like fishes! You're vicious!
I bet you eat your young!"
Meet any one of you the thing to do is run away
But although I know we're all a buncha different breeds
Take away our wings and horns and we're just frightened steeds
So let's put aside our differences, 'cause what we need's a win
Come on, rip out all the pages of your history books
Just because we're undercover doesn't mean we're crooks
When we walk you through the crowd and give your brand new looks a spin
You're gonna fit right in
Hitch Trailblazer:
This is a new low
Izzy Moonbow:
You're gonna fit right in
Hitch Trailblazer:
It's never gonna work!
Hitch Trailblazer:
They taught us unicorns were super scary maniacs
With horns like razors, and tongues like tasers, and teeth like tacks
They take your hooves and then they grind 'em into midnight snacks
The basic gist of it is unicorns are not okay
Sunny Starscout:
Look I know we're risking everything for this endeavor
But look at us we're brave and strong and weird and clever
Thus closer to the finish than we've ever, ever been
So we better take a leap and put our faith in you
Get our crafty on with sparkles, tape, and super glue
'Cause we're running out of options and we're desperate to begin
Izzy Moonbow:
You're gonna fit right in!
Hitch Trailblazer:
If you say so
Sunny & Izzy:
You're gonna fit right in
Izzy Moonbow:
I know you will, now watch and learn
This is how a unicorn walks (Walks)
This is how a unicorn talks (Talks)
This is how a unicorn hoops (Hoops?)
This is how a unicorn-
Hitch Trailblazer:
Izzy Moonbow:
This is how a unicorn struts (Struts!)
Watch us shake our unicorn butts
Now you're in the unicorn know
Sunny Starscout:
Izzy Moonbow:
Soon you'll be a unicorn pro!
Izzy Moonbow:
Oh, a unicorn horn makes a unicorn stride
It's the more head on your forehead, it's the source of your pride
Every unicorn who's born has worn a horn that's unique
So we'll whip them up as we speak
You'll be looking très magnifique!
We'll fake a phony protrusion and make a bony illusion
It's not the perfect solution, but the world's not big on inclusion
And with those rocks in our pockets we'll reap the reward
Then folks will be floored
We'll strike a new chord
Our magic restored!
Izzy & Sunny:
Lately all Equestria has lost its heart
But if we can help to find it we should play our part
Hitch Trailblazer:
If we fail we'll go to prison!
Sunny Starscout:
But if not we'll start to grin
So let's begin!
We're gonna fit right in!
We're gonna fit right in!
We're gonna fit right in!
We're gonna fit right in!
We're gonna fit right in!
Izzy Moonbow:
This is how a unicorn walks!
This is how a unicorn talks!
Now you're looking unicorn strong!
This is how a unicorn ends this song!
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