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있잖아요... (My Little Princess) (English translation)


How can I forget all the special memories of you
still remember , My Little Princess
사랑이겠죠 이런내마음은
숨기려해도 그새 입가에 미소만
하루도 안되 또 보고싶어져
어쩌죠 내맘은 깊은 병에 걸린걸
게으른 내 모습 이젠 없을거에요
좋은것만 보여주고 싶은걸요
저기높은 하늘로 날아가
사랑한다고 세상에 말할래
깊은 밤하늘에 꺼지지않는 girl
너만을 지키는 빛나는 별이 될께요 You're my love
헤어지잔 말 행복하란 그말
영원히 우리 절대 하지않기로해
지금처럼만 내곁에 있어줘
부족한 나인걸 이해해주길바래
어른스런 내 모습을 기대해줘요
네게 가장어울리는 남자가 되고싶은걸
언제까지나 그대 맘속에 내가
들어갈수있도록 허락해줘
만일 그대도 나와 같다면
아픔은 없죠 이젠 그댈 나 지킬께 for you
My little princess 이제껏 숨겨온
나만의 사랑 늘 보여줄꺼야
영원토록 변치않는 맘으로 girl
내 자신보다 더 더 사랑해줄거라고 You're my love
Submitted by ainaz72ainaz72 on Sat, 27/03/2010 - 10:51
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my little princess

Versions: #1#2
I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.
Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.
It hasn't been even a day but I begin to miss you again.
What should I do? My heart has caught a deep illness.
Now I will not have a lazy appearance anymore.
I want to show you just my good points.
Up there, high in the sky, I want to fly
To tell the world that I love you.
Deep in the night sky, girl
I will become a star to protect you. You're my love.
Those words "lets break up", those words "be happy",
Lets never say those to each other..
Like now, please be by my side.
I pray that you understand my lacking heart.
I want to become a man that best suits me.
Please give me approval to go be inside your
heart always.
If you are like me, than there won't be any pain,
[Yunho,Hero,Xiah] Because now I will protect you
[Max]For you.
My little princess everyday I'm going to show you love that
I've hid until now.
For forever, without a changing heart girl
I'm going to love you more than myself
You're my love
Submitted by ainaz72ainaz72 on Sat, 27/03/2010 - 10:51
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