My Love (English translation)

  • Artist: Inez (My love)
  • Also performed by: Fadl Shaker
  • Song: My Love 3 translations
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My love

Are you doing well there?
Are you still going around looking for me?
Since the moment you let me
Feel your heart my heart beat
Likei had everything in the world
My long day, coming home
To see the sunrise
You would greet my tired body
We would have a long conversation
With just our eyes
Let's live loving each other like this
The day we said goodbye
In your sickness
You waited for me to wake
Our eyes met, but you cried
And you stopped moving
I cried, too
I'm sorry i didn't love you more
My tears will never dry
I still miss you, and sing to you
My family, my angel, my love
Good night
Don’t go
Don’t leave me
I’m still crying for you
Don’t go. Don’t go
The more i think of you
The smaller you get
My tears trickle
Down, down, down
My tears trickle
Down, down, down
Come back to me
Come back to me
I call out knowing
That you can’t come back
Yeh oh
You left me
I had to pinch myself to belive it
I don’t know if i’m craying because
It hurts or because i miss you
It was so hard holding back my tears
Never imagined myself without you
My everyday life became a challenge
I wasn’t prepared at all
It took everything in me
To not give up
I can’t hold back
Every night, i can’t close my eyes
Not being able to see you
I’m going to just die
I’m going to die without you
I put these words to my lips
After a few days go by
I’m more scared that
Time will make me forget
It would be better for time to stop
And for me to be in pain forever
(my love, my love)
(my love, my love)
Even if I’m with somebody
Even if I smile from time to time
I keep thinking of you
(my love, my love)
(my love, my love)
Promise never to leave you alone
Would I be able to spend
Eternity with you?
Tears fall even when I’m smiling
I’m really okay
But I keep getting sad
You stir up my emotions again
My memories with you keep coming back
I promised my self I wouldn’t cry
I thought I had gotten over you
I guess I was wrong
I guess it’s gotta be you
Please come back, I’ll be here
Stay with me
Yeah, it’s all memories now
It’s a sad memory of you and me
(my love)
I just want to go back to then
(don’t go)
If I can turn back the time..
If I can go back to the time
When you and I were one..
I just want to go back to then
Don’t go
Don’t leave me
I keep remaining in that spot
Come back to me
Come back to me
I call out knowing
That you can’t come back
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My Love

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