Vaidas - Myliu (English translation)



Niekada nepagalvociau, nepasijuokciau
Truputi is to, kad nemiegojau jau antra
Nakti, spaudzia karts nuo karto spaudzia,
Kazkur ten kur sirdis, prisiminus tavo veida.
Myliu, turbut as tave myliu
Kazkoks keistas jaudulys dabar mano krutinej
Mano meile.. Jau sirdis neapgaus, mano
Siela priklauso nuo siol tik tau
As tampu labai liudnas
Be taves..
Be taves jau savaite negaleciau iskest
Tu is pajurio as is sostines
Tavo rankos per savaite tik karta glosto
(Priedainis 2x)
Valanda po valandos
Neuztenka jegu sulaukt pagaliau susitikimo dienos..
Nebelauksiu, nebeistversiu
Pilnas bakas ir as kelyje pas tave..
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English translation

I love

I would never though, laugh
A bit from that I haven't sleept already second
Night, squezes time from time squezes
Somewhere where the heart is, then I remember you face
Love, probably I love you
Some strange thrill now in my chest
My love... The heart won‘t fool me, my
Soul from now belogs only for you
I become sad
Without you...
Without you I couldn‘t stand a week
You‘re from the seaside I‘m from capital
You hands caress only once in a week
Chorus (2x)
Hour after hour
There‘s not enough of strengt to wait for meeting day...
I won‘t wait, I can‘t hold
Full tank and I‘m on the road to you
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