Panos Kiamos - Na 'Sai Kala (Να 'Σαι Καλά) (English translation)

English translation

Τhanks A Bunch

A few clothes thankfully and a small bag
the way I brought this, I will take them tonight
don't get up, your key is right there
I only need to take it off from my keys
Thanks a bunch, I owe you so much
that I loved you and you put up with it
thanks a bunch,accepting me in your embrace
was a huge honor
that you treated me the way you did
Thanks a bunch, I am obliged to you
I can't find the right words to thank you
thanks a bunch for not charging me
the nights I slept here
It's a pity, such a shopfront but it has only garbage inside
it's a pity really, it's a pity you should have been an actress
A few more minutes and I will leave you alone
you won't have me in your feet
I pack my things and whatever will be left here, don't return it to me
don't bother yourself
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Na 'Sai Kala (Να 'Σαι Καλά)