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قلبك يا حول الله (Albak Ya Ellah) lyrics

  • Artist: Nadine Tayseer (نادين تيسير) Featuring artist: Laith Suleiman Also performed by: Bahaa Sultan
  • Translations: Japanese

قلبك يا حول الله

وعامل فيها مش شايف
ومش عارف إيه معنى الحب
وعايش كل أيامك
وأحلامك في وهم وكدب
خلاص دلوقتي يا خسارة
بقيت واحد معندوش قلب
حاجات كتير جواك ماتت
وأنا ساكت مقولتش لأ
وسايب دمعي يتكلم
وبتآلم وأنا على حق
هقولك كلمة من الآخر
أكيد قلبك ده عمره مادق
Submitted by kubesebakubeseba on 2022-09-26
Last edited by kubesebakubeseba on 2022-10-11
Submitter's comments:

This song is from (0:00) to (1:20) in the Medley.
The lyrics are in the Youtube video description.
Next song is غريب الحب (Ghareeb El Hob) from (1:20) to (3:00).


Moshe KayeMoshe Kaye    Mon, 26/09/2022 - 05:49

If you can tell me at what time each song starts in the video i can fix them for you as well.


Moshe KayeMoshe Kaye    Mon, 26/09/2022 - 13:26

glad to help! the time= 10s thing is totally optional.

I was just trying to explain that it's possible to start a video in the middle if needed as this happens quite often.

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