nahezu nichts

Submitted by agrin on 09.01.2013
In reply to request by Sciera

that sounds like a literal and wrong translation of "next to nothing", are you sure that "nahe zu nichts" really is a german equivalent?

nahezu nichts (German) — Yes."Nahezu nichts" is a really German equivalent for this English phrase

English, explained by agrin on Thu, 10/01/2013 - 17:45
well, "nahezu nichts" is one (even though I'd rather say "beinahe nichts" or "fast nichts") but "nahe zu nichts" simply is wrong. - Sciera 5 years ago
Download this Babylon Glossary & see the result : - agrin 5 years ago

Translations of "nahezu nichts "

Englishnext to nothing
Frenchpresque rien; pratiquement rien
Persianاصلا و ابدا - هرگز
RussianВ темноте все кошки серые
SpanishCasi nada
Turkishneredeyse hic