浪花節だよ人生は (Naniwabushi da yo jinsei wa) (English translation)

  • Artist: Takashi Hosokawa (細川たかし)
  • Song: 浪花節だよ人生は (Naniwabushi da yo jinsei wa)


飲めと言われて 素直に飲んだ
肩を抱かれて その気になった
馬鹿な出逢いが 利口に化けて
よせばいいのに 一目惚れ
浪花節だよ 女の女の人生は
嘘は誰かが 教えてくれる
恋も誰かが 見つけてくれる
そんな誰かに 振り廻されて
消えた女が またひとり
浪花節だよ 女の女の人生は
咲いて萎んで 捨てられました
逢って別れて 諦めました
人の情けに つかまりながら
折れた情けの 枝で死ぬ
浪花節だよ 女の女の人生は
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Life's Like a Sad Song

You told me to drink, so I obediently drank
I just felt like drinking when you put your hand on my shoulder
Our random meeting ended up turning into something important
I could have just walked away, but it was love at first sight
A woman's life is like a sad song
Who is teaching me to lie so well?
And who is making me fall in love like this?
I'll tell you who--the person who treated me like a plaything
I left and now I'm all alone again
A woman's life is like a sad song
I bloomed, I withered, I was cast aside
We met, we parted, I gave up
And I'm clinging to the branch of others' pity
Because while I held onto his love, it broke, and I'm dying
A woman's life is like a sad song
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