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Não muito distante (English translation)

  • Artist: Madredeus
  • Song: Não muito distante Album: O Paraiso (1997)
  • Translations: English #1
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Not so later

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I wanted a little more of joyness
This was what I wanted
More of joyness through my whole year
This was only what I wanted, more of joyness
But this is not what happened in my case
It is that I already knew indeed
I already knew
I already knew what the mistake was
It is that I did not have what I wanted when I could
And since then, no one else has ever told me
"Be back some day, not so later"
Who ever felt what I did when I left
and carried the enchantment with me
then must know why I so much cry, for so much joy
I well know it, I do know but couldn't have it
He told me one day, not to long ago
"Be back one dat, not so later"
And I said "Maybe someday, not so later"
I said "Maybe someday, not so later"
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Não muito distante

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