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Não pensar nas mazelas dessa vida... (English translation)


Não pensar nas mazelas dessa vida...

Não pensar nas mazelas dessa vida.
Deixar que a alma clara navegasse,
calma, as velas brancas enfunadas,
em vastos, muito largos horizontes.
Nostalgia de dias limpos, de praias,
também de mal-esquecidas infâncias.
Solto no ar o corpo dançaria,
vivo e acima, em harmonia,
na bela harmonia dos tendões.
O corpo se esquece quando dança,
inventando outro corpo, diferente,
unindo emoção e movimento.
E junto desse corpo outra fala,
esta mais alegre e transparente,
porque vinda mais de dentro.
E junto dessa fala a sintonia,
um olhar mais brando sobre as coisas,
um calor de alma sem segredos.
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Don't want to think about the perils of life...

Don't want to think about the blights of this life.
Let a pure soul wander around the sea,
Peace, the white sails are powered,
through a wide, very wide horizens.
Remembrance of days with clear skies, of beaches too
From an ill-remembered youths.
A body floats on air, it dances,
lively and above, with harmony,
a fine harmony of the nerves.
The body forsakes itself while dancing,
Another body is brought forth, a different one,
a bond between emotion and motion
With the two bodies being one, there is a voice
happier, more translucent,
because it is brought forth from inside.
And with this voice, a tune,
A tender perspective about anything,
A heat from a soul with no mysteries.
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