Istentales - Naralu tue (English translation)


Naralu tue

Male arbèschida a su manzanu
Fit una die comente a medas
Mira tue a zenia ‘e sorte
A testimonzu solu sas predas
Los an mortos chentza motivu
Pro carchi fàvula. Non b’est su tantu
Naralu tue
proite nd’as prantu
Naralu tue
Si lu bocan a bantu
A ochider duos homines
No est balentia
Bi cheret corazu
Prus a perdonare
Sas campanas sonan a mortu
Totu sa bidda est in lutu
Cantos babbos e cantas mamas
Depen prànghere galu a sucutu
Non dan valore prus a sa vida
An prus rispetu pro unu sacaju
Domos ruttas chi paren ritzas
E i’s ammentos benin a mente
Luchereddas e tantas missas
Isperantzias chi ghiret zente
Galu cantas ruches depen pesare
Innantis benzat su ‘e asseliare
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Submitter's comments:

Ho trascritto il testo a orecchio. Ci può essere qualche imprecisione. Grazie per eventuali correzioni e suggerimenti.

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English translation

Say it yourself

A bad dawning in the morning
It was a day like many others
Look, what a destiny!
As a witness, only stones
They killed them for no reason,
Just for some lie. Not worth it.
Say it yourself1
Why did you mourn?
Say it yourself
Are they proud of it?
Killing two men
Is not a bravery
There is more courage
In forgiving
The bells are tolling the death knell
The whole village is mourning
How many fathers and mothers
Will still weep and sob?
They give no value to life anymore
They have more respect for a lamb
Ruined houses that seem to stand
And the memories come to mind
Small candles and many Masses
Hoping that someone may return
How many crosses have still to be raised
Before the time for peace comes?
  • 1. “Naralu tue” is an idiom meaning approximately “You can judge yourself”.
Submitted by Hampsicora on Sun, 13/08/2017 - 11:55
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