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Dead Nature*

This sphere doesn’t turn anymore
Looks at another planet and leaves
To the sky without saying anything to me
It must go up
Like an echo, it will repeat
Now, I see it here
Never got lost
Any other day is better
The whole world forgot
About the swallow that failed
An artificial rainbow
Light of still life
She is very close I think
It must go up
Like an echo will repeat
Now I see it here
Never got lost
There wont be a good ending
We only know how to begin
It will return anyways
That didn’t change
This sphere doesn’t turn anymore
And already went around the world
They only have this airplane left
It must go up
Only an echo will repeat
They will return here
That didn’t change
The impulse
Never got lost.
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* Dead Nature- This also means Still Life (art) in spanish


Naturaleza Muerta

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