Nazel Wana Mashi (نازل و أنا ماشي) (English translation)


Nazel Wana Mashi (نازل و أنا ماشي)

نازل و انا ماشى
ع الشوك برجليا
و انت السبب يابا
و يالى خليت بيا
لا فرشتلى بستان
و لا حتى بر أمان
أعيش عليه إنسان
و الدنيا فى ايديا
فى ايديا
و انا لما جيت من الغيب
العدل كان كيفى
و الحق كان مطمعى
و الحب كان سيفى
دقيت ع الأبواب
لقيتنى فى السرداب
غابة من الأنياب
مسنونة حواليا
مع الأسف يابا
الدنيا دى غابة
ملناش مكان فيها
يا عينى يا وعدى
ع المغرمين بعدى
و الطيبين فيها
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English translation

Going Out Walking

I am going out walking
with my [bare]feet upon thorns
And you are the reason why, father
You who abandoned me
You never laid down a garden for me
Nor even a safe port
Upon which I can live as a [respectful] human
With the world in my hands
in my hands
When I came from the unknown
Justice was my means,
Fairness was my goal
And love was my sword
I knocked upon the doors
only to find myself in the basement
A jungle of fangs
sharpened around me..
Unfortunately, father
This world is a jungle
We have no place in it
Oh how I pity
those who fall in love
And those who are kind in this world
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
Submitted by Velsket on Fri, 16/02/2018 - 19:44