Bianka - Ne goni (Не гони) (English translation)

English translation

Bitch, please!

Don't call me, no more, don't call
I'm really tired of your love
Make dat, make dat moneys
You'll run enough water for me.
Rattle the water, enough.
Come to me, don't write anymore
The head hurts from these sour cabbage soups
You already told the whole area that we
Like a couple, like two halves.
Something hurts on the left side
This my heart cries for love
I really wanted to tell you
I really love you and your mother.
There are rumors in our area
That I'm your girlfriend, it's completely bullshits
Well, I fell in love, well, so very little
Don't even think that I miss you.
And I'm your joy, oh no, bitch, please!
And I'm sexier than everyone, oh, bitch, please
And I'm your reward for all your obstacles
Bitch, please, I don't need this.
I told you "yes", then I said "no"
You didn't say "bye", but said "hello"
I called you day, but you didn't answer the call
You've dialed me for tomorrow, but I has too much a job.
Maybe you lied to me or maybe you didn't lie
Maybe you answer and maybe you didn't answer
I think too much, put unnecessary thoughts in my head
You're my minors, there're my majors.
I'll curtain the curtains to not see
"Love you" on the fence
I really wanted to tell you
I really love you and your mother.
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Ne goni (Не гони)