Небо (Nebo) (English translation)

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Hope is my earthly compass
And this phrase isn't sung by me
Crucified by you, washed with dew
The earth runs under your feet
Our dialogue is a lesson
I pulled the trigger and I'm embarrassed
Heaven looks down on us
And pride was forgotten long ago
I'm a devoted slave
Of your desires, the foreman
I gently kiss you
and the audacity rushed
And the bitterness, and the bitterness of resentment
There's suicide in my head, a choking desire
by the throat of love
You're my punishment
I, I miss you
And it doesn't matter to me I'll take it it as it is.
I miss you
You're with her again
I'm still waiting for you
Tea is brewed on the table
Sugar free lemon
Everything he loved
Everything he loved
Heaven looks down
On us
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Небо (Nebo)

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