Needle in Hand, Not Quite There Yet (Italian translation)


Needle in Hand, Not Quite There Yet

Needle's halfway in so push it the rest of the way,
until you're struggling to breathe, gasping for air
and you'll be too far gone to actually care.
You're holding out for miracles — oh, how cynical!
over time you've made yourself the prisoner;
always begging, halfway crawling, keep on weeping,
the door's wide open, key in hand — keep on seeking.
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Part 7.

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Ago in mano, ancora vagante

Hai infilato l'ago a metà, continua a spingerlo dentro
Finché non ti mancherà l'aria e cercherai di riprendere fiato, ma sarai troppo lontana perché t'importi più.
Stai sempre aspettando un miracolo - oh, che cinica!
Col tempo sei divenuta prigioniera di te stessa,
Sempre implorante, mezza che strisci, continuamente in lacrime.
Porta spalancata e chiave in mano - continua a cercare.
Submitted by DarkJoshuaDarkJoshua on Sun, 27/09/2020 - 17:26
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