Katia Guerreiro - Nem Às Paredes Confesso (English translation)

English translation

Not Even To The Walls Do I Confess

Don't think of fancying me without me asking you to
Nor give me anything that in the end I do not deserve
Don't you dare blame me later
This is sincerity talking, because I do not want to give you grief.
Whom I fancy
Not even to the walls do I confess
And I even wager that I do not fancy anyone
You can pray, you can cry, you can smile as well
Whom I fancy
Not even to the walls do I confess
Who knows if I have forgotten you or whether I want you
Who knows even if it is for you that I wait for so
Whether I fancy or not, after all, is my business
Even if you think you can convince me, I tell you nothing
Submitted by MauriceV on Sat, 16/03/2013 - 03:16
Author's comments:

This fado is slightly different to the one sung by Amalia Rodrigues. I have also taken into account translations of this latter fado by algebra and Neville, agreeing in the main with the views of Neville but further trying to emphasise the curtness of tone in the singers voice, and the environment at the time it was originally sung.


Nem Às Paredes Confesso

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