Road - Nem kell más (English translation)

English translation

Don't want anyone else

You want me as much as i want you,
In the night in the bed you feel the same.
I can see it in your eyes even if you dont't say it;
We are crazy but not lunatics!
I don't want anyone else, i would so much like to kiss your lips,
I would tear off all your clothes,
As noone has done before!
I don't want anyone else when you look into my eyes,
you will burn in the fire
that you ignited in me,
and don't want anone else!
Haven't you played with the thought
That the dawn would find you next to me one day?
Your sweet voice whispers into my ear:
It wasn't enough, let's do it again!
Don't want anyone else, like an animal
i would eat you alive,
while you would tear me apart
Don't want anyone else!
I don't ask for much:
Your blood is on the tip of my tongue
And you bite through my neck
And i don't want anything else
On sweet voice you whisper into my ear
You want me you are bored with the old one...
Don't want anyone else i desire your lips so much
To kiss your hands and feet
Feel the smell of your skin,
Don't want anyone else
It's good in the car, in the bath
It's good in the grass, in the hall
It does not matter where we start
Don't want anyone else!
I don't listen to reason
What's good is never enough
You seduced me forever
Don't want anyone else!
I want you so much
Don't you feel it, i'm crazy for you,
So give me one night!
And don't want anything else!
I desire your lips so much
to kiss your hands and feet,
to feel the smell of your skin.
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Nem kell más

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