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Nem Tudja Senki (English translation)

  • Artist: Follow The Flow (Vincze Gergely / Molnár Csaba / Szakács Gergő) Also performed by: Kovács Pál
  • Song: Nem Tudja Senki Album: Nem Tudja Senki - Single
  • Translations: English #1
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Nobody Knows

Versions: #1#2
Nobody knows where I came from
How many times the sky was dark above me
Misty is my past, nobody knows it
I have no home, nowhere to return
I was never rich, but I have everything
The most beautiful moments are free
Many bright pairs of eyes are shining in the world
They belong to a million girls and I love all of them
I'm in a hurry to carve my name into a melting iceberg
(I'm afraid I won't reach it)
Desire lasts a lifetime, but there's no one to worry about me
(I don't care anyway)
They say one can fall down from really high up there
Even if I fell, I haven't started looking for scapegoats
I looked at the grey sky, I wondered if
the sun is shining above the clouds
Everytime I took charge, right each time I got slaps on the face
This has taught me to step over the shards of glass
It's either a full-house in my pockets or let there be just dimes
This is a rollercoaster and I'm just staying a passenger
[Fura Csé]:
I'm not counting how many times life wounded me
I haven't seeked shelter even in the biggest thunders
Because words won't take action instead of deeds
I will be rather poor, but also free
Instead of taking somebody else's path
I have nothing, but everything I have belongs to a companion of mine
I'm not under pressure of weights, tough they are not telling for no reason
that I've packed into my bag all the problems in the world
I'm a wanderer, hard to understand
But the house is not always burning when the sky is the roof
I'm just drifting with the current and I flowing like a river
It's enough for me when a star is smiling at me
Gergő Szakács:
In my mind I've given up many times before
When I found no common ground with myself
Sometimes I'm broken and torn by the wind
But before the storm the blue burns in red
So here's a coat, I've already knitted one for myself
Hope was the thread, I made it dust and drop proof
I believe that everyday: what happened to you yesterday
answers a question of tomorrow
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Nem Tudja Senki

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