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נאסף תשרי (Nesaf Tishrei) (English translation)

  • Artist: Tzvika Pick (צביקה פיק, Tsvika Pik, Tzvicka Pick, Svika Pick, Henryk Pick)
  • Song: נאסף תשרי (Nesaf Tishrei)
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The Tishrei decease

Av passed away and Elul passed away and their heat too
Tishrei has also been gathered to pass away with them
Only a dull ember remained
Of the truncated summer love.
To the cave of David, the Shunamite
Adheres her cold thighs
To the stones warmth of his grave.
Av passed away and Elul passed away...
A stranger boy travels like Saul
On the trails of Av and Elul
In the dim he seeks the clear.
Go on boy, move, maybe at the end of West
Between sea and land, between Av and autumn
Your light will shine among its sins.
Av passed away and Elul passed away...
Sins of a man, a woman and a serpent
Sin of David to Uriah, the poor man's lamb,
And Jonathan and the honeycomb.
Av passed away and Elul passed away, the summer has returned
Your tale, my boy, begins now
With all the honey, the serpent and the woman.
Av passed away and Elul passed away...
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Author's comments:

Av is more or less the equivalent month of August
Elul - September
Tishrei - October

The author of translation requested proofreading.
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נאסף תשרי (Nesaf Tishrei)

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