Banda Calypso - Nessa Balada (English translation)

English translation

In this Party

My pretty!
I just want to give you a kiss
If you allow me to, I swear that
You will fall in love
For so long I've been
watching you
If you want it now
now we can get together
My pretty
Stop the yackety-yack
If you want it, so do I
It's all up to you
I well know that
I got you stuck on me
I am in your target zone
Do not tell me 'no'
You are alone
I have no date
Why don't you come my way?
Let's take the advantage of it
Tonight is for us
Let's stick together
If you kiss me now
you will fall in love
In this party
I don't want to be alone
In this party
Stay with me, this's the best for you
In this party
You will enjoy/be lucky
In this party
Dance the swing with me
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Nessa Balada

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