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What do I have?

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We have a garden so that,
one side is full of flowers,
other side is a desert,
one side there is a rainbow,
other side is blind
We are the ones who stucked just at the border
We are always far away from who failed the class,
somewhere near who had troubles
Victories achived in the desert
are all written with blood
If humankind weren't stupid,
all victories could be achived with peace
From every sunrise to sunset
from every night to daylight
there is a commited crime
We have a garden everywhere
He used to pray saying
"Cure all troubles"
a thousand times a day
Won't work, this is very bad,
there is no cure, this is a calamity
Like there was none at the beginning
Let it all stay in the world, Sagopa and Ceza
- a ball and chain for rap.
My muses, my tired hands
I'm escrowed for this body
with my sluggish and gifted thought
My years empowered me, action became reaction
I was a flower in my frontier, I was purple
I filled many fields
I was a dawn, that scratched on wall by a soldier,
and a hope that left after a calendar page
I became numbers
I'm where I wanted to be
Give this man a second,
I'm speechless and tongue-tied
I regarded as for sake of a cup of coffee of mine*
My swig of love is stoned
Guardians of complot armies
What do I have other than rap? (x2)
Water flows on these gardens
Having freed itself from hellhounds
Even on a desert has no flowing water
There are fountains everywhere, find them
Try to be a servant
All we want was just peace
Even though you have no gunny
Even though you have no money
Even so smile once, man
Smile once, even once a year
Rose blooms on this desert, sure
War comes to an end,
and we get lost in middle of the border,
so we bequeath our words and rap,
it'd be enough
Oh, the causeless meaning of rap, go around my veins
Blood is accumulated in my temple
I'm not a dot for only one sentence
My name will be buried with my poems
Slap marks of history is in my lines (Tell!)
With a chaoral in my hands, my black eyes are watching
My passenger I waited, on my roads
I'm beaten, dear God, I'm ashamed of my youth
A toy gun took control of my hands, I'm used to it
I live in today, I'm uncertain on tomorrow
Do I live forever with a thousand of prohibitions and punishments
I wish I were a honey and I'd drip
My heart, hate and a thousand of existent punishment on this Earth
I regarded as for sake of a cup of coffee of mine*
My swig of love is stoned
Guardians of complot armies
What do I have other than rap? (x2)
Submitted by frukoprof on Tue, 25/09/2018 - 13:36
Author's comments:

I've found other translations insuffucient and decided to translate again. Instead of other ones, I didn't reflect the meanings on translation and let you to discover mysterious lyrics on the other hand I tried to use words that you're probably more familiar with.

*There is a Turkish proverb literally translates to "A cup of Turkish coffee remembered for 40 years", so before Sagopa regards him he remembers the cup of coffee they drank together and he ignores for sake of that coffee.


Neyim Var Ki

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