Neyim Var Ki (English translation)

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what else do i have

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There is a garden
On one end it’s flowering, the other end a dry desert
On one end rainbows, one end with a desert
We’re the ones stuck in no-man’s-land
Far from failing out of school yet within sight of grief
victory is always written in blood
if only people could see this, we could win all battles with friendship
one day at a time, sunrise to sunset
the sun goes down the sinner free till sunrise
there is a garden everywhere
prayers go out calling for help a thousand times
it’s no use, this is bad…
no solutions, it’s a curse…
like it was in the beginning…
let it stay that way…
sago & ceza here with the rest
a bond with rap
muses of understanding
my hands are tired
Entrusted to this body is
a mystical gift, this way of thinking
over the years I’ve gained experience
doing became a natural reaction
I was molded into a flower, violet I became
I painted the fields
I became the first ray of daybreak,
a torn page of a calendar hanging in a soldiers room
I became the hope residing in the number left
I’m where I want to be
Give a minute this man can’t talk
Stuttering, I’m speechless
the mugs and the coffee all memories I hold
like a shot this love, madly drunk
the guardians of legionnaire hordes
what else do I have but rap?
Waterfalls in these gardens save from
The flaming hounds riding the rays
knowing the desert is where waters don’t fall
There are fountains everywhere,find one
Attempt to be of those who submit
All we want is peace
no sheets left under you
no money or bling
but again smile once
now smile one more time
even if once in a blue moon
*your rosy smile will sustain
the rose in the desert
morning is over and so are we
here gone and lost in the middle
leaving our words and rap
for posterity is enough
Hey! rhyme without reason
Stop flowing in my veins.
Blood is clotting my temple
I don’t just have one sentence
I’ll be buried in rhyme
My couplets & my past
The handprint of my slaps…
A black pencil in my hands
& my black eyes peering
On my path a traveler I’m scouting
I’m lost
My creator, Allah…I’m torn with regret for my youth
A toy gun became a remedy
I’m very used to it…
I’m living today…
Tomorrow is unknown…
A thousand commandments and a thousand punishments
living this way evermore?
If only I was honey so I may drip
I one heart, one hate on the face of the earth
And I have a thousand penalties
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Author's comments:

*the word gül in Turkish means a rose and the act of laughing

Ceza means punishment, however I’m not sure if “Ve var olan bin cezam...” serving the punishment or handing out the punishment


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