Carole Samaha - Nezlat Elsetara (نزلت الستارة) (English translation)


Nezlat Elsetara (نزلت الستارة)

نزلت الستاره
يا خساره
كل واحد خد قراره
كل واحد في طريق
لاني رفيقك
ولا انت بلي رفيق
يا خساره
نزلت الستاره
شفتها من طريقة كلامك
شفت النهايه
من شرودك واكتئابك
وانت معايا
وفي عيونك
ما عدت أشوف الابتسامة
صرت أشوف الجفا
ألفين علامة
يا خساره
نزلت الستاره
مديتلك يدي
و وفيت
رديتلي بجفا ونسيت
نسيت كل الوعود
تجاوزت كل الحدود
واخترت تعند
واخترت نبعد
وما دام هذا اختيارك
أنت بتحترق
وأنا بنارك
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English translation

The Curtains are Down

The curtains are down
What a shame
Each one of us made his choice
And we went away
Each one of us took a different path
I'm no longer your companion
And you are not mine
What a shame
The curtains are down
I saw it in the way you talked
I saw the end
in your absent-mindedness and your depression
when you were with me
And in your eyes
I no longer saw a smile
I started seeing harshness
they were two thousand signs
What a shame
The curtains are down
I reached out my hand to you
And I was loyal
You returned it with harshness and forgot
You forgot all the promises
You crossed all the boundaries
And you chose to be stubborn
And chose that we go away from each other
And since this is your choice,
You are burning,
And I am in your fire.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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