Danny Daniel - Niña, no te pintes tanto (English translation)

English translation

Girl, don't make up too much

Girl, don't make up too much,
that you scare me,
when you come close to me.
Girl, show your figure,
without much make up,
like the one you're wearing.
Girl, move your hips,
when you cross the street,
when you come with me.
Girl, you're so pretty,
even if you're little,
I always say it.
Tomorrow you'll see,
I'll come to look for you at your door,
I hope you come,
without make up.
And then you'll show
your real colors
and everyone will invite you for a walk.
Girl, you have a face
that looks strange
full of colors.
Girl, hear my advice,
that are from old
who knows about love.
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Niña, no te pintes tanto