Victor Jara - Ni chicha ni limoná (English translation)

English translation

You're Neither Chicha Nor Lemonade (You Are Tasteless)

Huddle up, come a bit closer, mister
Here where the sun is warm
You already are used to
Going around all over the place
So it won't hurt you
To be where it burns.
You, mister, are nothing,
Neither chicha nor lemonade
You're always stroking,
Your dignity, gee whiz man.
The party has begun
And things are getting fiery
You were the least interested before
Now you want to take over the whole dance
Because big noses
Don't let any smell escape them.
If we want more good ol' raves
First we'll have to work
And we'll have enough for all
Shelter, bread, and friendship
And if you don't agree
That's your problem
This is going to go forward
And it's not going to turn back.
Stop being so slow
Come and fix your ailment
Because I don't have any
Daggers under my poncho
And if you insist on portruding your snout
We're going to expropriate
Your gun, your tongue,
And everything else.
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Ni chicha ni limoná

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