Ni Dieu ni maître (English translation)

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No gods, no masters

The cigarette1, without a tie2
We smoke at the democratic dawn3
And the remorse of the capital punishment
With the fear that tends its paw
The ministry of the priest
And pity from the window4
And the customer5 who has perhaps
No gods, no masters6
The pallid load that is wrapped7
As a package to the stars
Falling cold on the slab
And this rose without petals
This lawyer with his briefcase
The dawn that puts a veil
For tears that may have
No gods, no masters
These woods that are said to be of justice8
And that grow in tortures
And to furnish the sacrifice
With the fir for the service9
This procedure which watches
Those whom society rejects
Under the pretext that they may have
No gods, no masters
This gospel truth
Who bends fools
And that puts in civil horror
Of the nobility and then the style
This cry which has no rosette10
The word of the prophet
I claim it and wish you
No gods, no masters
  • 1. The last cigarette of the man before his death.
  • 2. A prisoner is not allowed to have a tie.
  • 3. Executions occured at dawn.
  • 4. Spectators have pity
  • 5. The customer is the man who will die.
  • 6. This is the translation from Wikipedia in English, of this anarchist slogan coined by the socialist Louis Auguste Blanqui in 1880.
  • 7. The body.
  • 8. The woods of the guillotine.
  • 9. Fir is the wood of a cheap coffin.
  • 10. The Rosette of the order of the Légion d'honneur. The prisonner was not from the elite.
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Ni Dieu ni maître

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