Nicholas Ray - My Guy


My Guy

Nothing you could say
Can tear me away
From my guy
Nothing you can do
'Cause I'm stuck like glue
To my guy
I'm sticking to my guy
Lke a stamp to a letter
Like birds of a feather
We stick together
I can tell you from the start
I can't be torn apart
From my guy
Nothing you can do
Can make me untrue
To my guy
Nothing you can buy
Can make me tell a lie
To my guy
I gave my guy
My word of honor
To be faithful
And I'm gonna
You best be believing
I won't be deceiving
My guy
As a matter of opinion,
I think he's tops
My opinion is
He's the cream of the crop
As a matter of taste
To be exact
He's my ideal
As a matter of fact
He may not be a movie star
When it comes to being happy
We are
There's not a man today
Who can take me away
No muscle-bound man
Could ever take my hand
No handsome face
Could ever take the place
Of my guy
Submitted by catalucatalu on Thu, 21/01/2021 - 02:38
Submitter's comments:

Perhaps you already know, but this is a very, very well known song from the 60s. This is the original:

If you don't know the original, it's worth noticing how different a tone he is striking. Of course, it's sweet that it's a man singing about a man.

Some notes on the language:
"Birds of a feather stick together" is a saying meaning people who are alike stand by one another.
"You best be believing" is a mode of speech, typical of Southern blacks, but not exclusive to them. It means "You better believe"
"Untrue" in this context means unfaithful
"He's tops" is slang from the 40s/50s meaning "he's the best"
"Cream of the crop" is a saying meaning the best
Muscle-bound means muscular

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