Nicu Puli (English translation)


Nicu Puli

Guzáya niá ti yaga le
guta doo luxhu lú
ne ngue si nga bixhídxe
dxi bíinda sicarú
Neza tiica guirée
ne neza tiica ziáa
ziniá dxa yaga le
ni uzáya bíinda niá.
Nicu Puli, tutiisi rabi naa
zeeda ca xcuidi deguirá runi biá
Nicu Puli, tutiisi rabi naa
binni stí guidxi zeeda ne runi biá.
Ndí nga diidxa ni riaba naa naná
ne rindete ni nisa biza luá
ládxi duá rí ni raca tapa ndaa
ca xhamigua nin qué ñanna pa nuáa
Xhi naca ora nuu binni nazaaca
stale xhamigu nga napa
cadi casi ora má huará
Naa bíiya dxí úca huaráya tubiza.
Nin tobi cani ridxaaga
qué pé ñeeda guizaca naa
Ngue runi naa rábe ni laatu irá tu
ti guirá tu bini biá tu Nicu Puli dxi guzá
Yanna diidxa rí ngan uní be
ganna ca amigu stíbe
xhinga enda naná.
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Written and interpreted by Luis Reyes Sánchez.

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English translation

Nicu Puli

I always walked with a guitar (in hand)
(a guitar) of strung ropes
And when I played it
I used to sing very well.
I always took different paths
On every path I have already been
And I carried that guitar
That usually accompanied my singing.
Nicu Puli, that's what they called me
All the children who approached me knew me
Nicu Puli, that's what they called me
People from other towns also recognized me.
What I'm about to tell you causes me great pain
And causes tears to sprout from my eyes
My heart parts in fours
Because my friends didn't know if I still lived.
It happens when one is healthy
They have a lot of friends
But if one is sick, friends disappear
I suffered this when I was sick for a year.
None of my friends approached me
No one came to lighten my spirits
This is why I tell you all
That you knew Nicu Puli when he still lived.
These are the words that he told me
So that his friends may know
of the great pain he suffered.
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