Night owl

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Night owl (English) — someone who stays up late at night.

English, explained by artisticspirit on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 13:16

Night owl — Isang taong karaniwang gising sa gabi.

Filipino/Tagalog, explained by hariboneagle927 on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 07:59

Night owl — полуночник; ночной гуляка

Russian, explained by St. Sol on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 15:26

Translations of "Night owl"

FrenchUn oiseau de nuit
HungarianÉjjeli bagoly
Serbiannoćna ptica

"Night owl" in lyrics

Vuoi my swallow
Vuoi my swallow
with nest under riverbanks
Vuoi night owl
with limitless vision
Vuoi vuoi me

Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Me

I would silently listen to your friends' jokes
As for you, you'd just try and put up with my friends
I was rather a night owl, you a morning person
How did you expect it to end well?

- First Love

All blurring into one
This place is on a mission

Before the night owl
Before the animal noises
Closed circuit cameras

Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place

And your lying heart

It’s your fault they call me a punk
It’s your fault they call me a night owl
It’s your fault I hit rock bottom
It’s your fault ‘cause you forgot me

Vasilis Karras - Your fault

I'm calling you
Yes, I'm calling you
I'm calling you
I've been a night owl far too long,
In inner Copenhagen
I see a silhouette, you disappear immediately

Rasmus Seebach - Night Owl

Dark and dangerous
Yeah I love, I love the tragically beautiful

I am a night owl, I’ve come alive
I’ll make the sun go down so I can see you out
Straight to the underground

Bea Miller - Dracula

Because you're double faced woman
Because you're torturing me cos of little things
Because you're real night owl
My hard insomnia

Džej - Because

Class trip to the zoo
But this, it's zoo

They treat me like a night owl,
They treat me like an owl
When I wake up too early,

Radio Radio - I Feel Zoo

Ooh night life

Stealing through the night like a wolf on the prowl
Not a bird, not a plane, I'm just a mean old night owl
Watch me, hit, run, gotta move on
Going wild in the night

Foreigner - Night Life

My night owl woke up late,
so he's calling me, sending me a hundred messages.
Oh let him, let him wait like I did tonight.
This night belongs to me.*

A lot of adrenaline but not many years,*

Nina Đumić - Crazy Youthfulness

Oh;no! my swallow
Oh;no! my swallow
with nest under riverbanks
Oh;no! night owl
with limitless vision
Oh;no! Oh;no! me

Mari Boine - Oh;no! Oh;no! me

Gone forever

It matters not if you were
An angel or a night owl
If there are a thousand others like you
Come over today

Harel Skaat - Come Today

Tonight that I'm losing you the earth changes plan
and I will be a roommate with madness.
Tonight that I'm losing you I don't know what to do
in a tired and night owl sky.

Themis Adamantidis - Tonight that I'm losing you

Like burnt-out torches by a sick man's bed
Gaunt cypress-trees stand round the sun bleached stone;
Here doth the little night-owl make her throne,
And the slitht lizard show his jeweled head.
And, where the chaliced poppies flame to red,

Lord Vampyr - The Ophelia's Ghost

(I hope you're not asleep when I get there)
I'm a night owl waiting for you.

I'm a night owl waiting for you. Uuuuh uuuh

Little Big Town - Night Owl

Black magician, you!

Oh, this age of much ado,
Oh, those night-owl days...
Don't look for your minions now --
They've been snatched away.

Marina Tsvetayeva - To Akhmatova (Rhyming)

for the night sky is an ocean
black distant sea
washing up to my window
all the stray dog night owl junkies
orphans vagabonds
angels who lost their halos

Over the Rhine - If Nothing Else

But no one knows what I'm experiencing

When I was a kid, I'd often ask my mom out of curiosity:
"Mom, Why there is baykuş and not bayankuş?"[fn]the word Baykuş means night owl. It's literal meaning is male bird. BayanKuş literally means female bird but doesn't refer to a female owl[/fn]
My mother would stop, think and give me an answer with a deep meaning which I could not figure out then; saying
"My dear, even animals know that it's hard to be a man"

Anormal - Night Owl

Night comes down and finds you alone
In a space and time of your own
Lost in dreams in a world full of shadows.

Down the street the neon light shines
Offering refuge and hope to the blind

Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl

Excuse me, Excellency. I forgot how late it already is.
You must be tired!
[Count Krolock:]
I'm a night owl! By day, I'm useless.

[Count Krolock:]

Tanz der Vampire (Musical) - In front of the castle

Call me a brat, call me a tramp,
whatever you want.
Call me a brat, call me a night owl,
even a robber
But don't call me an ungrateful or an egoist.

Stratos Dionysiou - Call me a brat

gambler, also smug
and a bit fleeting, I live in peace.
Sane and circumflex looking, that's what my mirror says,
very calm and drinker, I'm a night owl,
a very sincere worker,
I'm not chatty neither a good observer.

Juan Pardo - Self portrait

freebooter carries his gun, and the fugitive slave has his conceal'd hut;)
O the strange fascination of these half-known, half-impassable swamps, infested by
resounding with the bellow of the alligator, the sad noises of the night-owl and the

Walt Whitman - Longings For Home

Let's go out tonight
I have to go out tonight
You wanna prowl
Be my night owl?
Well take my hand we're gonna howl
Out tonight

Rent (musical) - Out Tonight

I am wondering if someone will hear
I am wondering if someone will hear
Eleni, the night owl
Eleni, the night owl

Polina Christodoulou - Eleni, the night owl