Niji (虹) (English translation)

Niji (虹)

波にゆられて 傷ついた船の上
風に破れた 帆を見上げた
いつの間にかもう 凪を迎え
青空に描く 孤を見上げた
That's waiting for you
Waiting for you even now
どれだけの言葉 風にのせ
どこまで届くだろう 羽根広げ
前を見て このままどこまで歩いて行けるだろう
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Standing on the damaged ship rocked by the waves
I looked up at the sail, torn by the winds
Before I realize, I looked up at the arch*
Painted in the blue sky, calming the waters
That's waiting for you
Waiting for you even now
Beyond the rainbow, like an arch that extends towards tomorrow
Letting the wind carry my countless words,
I wonder how far they'll reach? Spreading our wings,
Let's wave goodbye to the days we were swept around by
I wonder how far can we walk like this, looking forward
Beyond the rainbow...
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Author's comments:

Here instead of arc, (弧) the word for orphan/solitude (孤) is being used. They look very similar and have the same reading. 孤 also means solitude and is a component of 孤独 (solitude, loneliness) and a component of 孤児 (orphan)

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