Nikos Vertis - Erotevmenos | Ερωτευμένος


Erotevmenos | Ερωτευμένος

Με μια σου λέξη
αλλάζει χρώμα η ζωή
Μην με ρωτήσεις
αν σ' αγαπώ ούτε γιατί
Ερωτευμένος μα δεν ξέρω που θα βγει
δεν έχω απάντηση δεν ξέρω το γιατί
Ερωτευμένος είμαι κι όταν σε κοιτώ
θέλω στα μάτια σου για πάντα να χαθώ
Θέλω μαζί σου
να ζω την κάθε μου στιγμή
Αυτό που νιώθω
να μην τελειώσει μην χαθεί
Ερωτευμένος μα δεν ξέρω που θα βγει
δεν έχω απάντηση δεν ξέρω το γιατί
Ερωτευμένος είμαι κι όταν σε κοιτώ
θέλω στα μάτια σου για πάντα να χαθώ (x2)
Με μια σου λέξη
αλλάζει χρώμα η ζωή
Submitted by manos512 on Sun, 25/06/2017 - 05:47
Last edited by Fary on Sun, 16/07/2017 - 16:17
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manos512    Wed, 12/07/2017 - 02:44

to Fary
Please give me an explain what happen and you send me this message
(Παρ, 07/07/2017 - 15:37 Fary
Your "Erotevmenos (Ερωτευμένος)" has been unpublished )
and someone else seems to have written the song?
Anyone can understand it if you see that the first English translation (from Anastasia s) was made few hours before adding the song from the user "bamba"

Fary    Thu, 13/07/2017 - 16:18

It was an automated message. In any case, the song entries were merged (there were two duplicates), and for some reason it sends a message about unpublishing. Only one entry is left after that, it seems like this one added by bamba was left in this case. That's why some of the translations seem to be added earlier than the song itself - they are from the entry you had added, I assume.

manos512    Sat, 15/07/2017 - 05:22

I understand, but if it was an automated message the message should have been sent to me by the admin (LT) and not by a moderator like you. I received the same message two days ago before your message for another song
[Wed, 05/07/2017 - 16:30
Your "Παρακαλώ μεταφράστε دوری (Doori)" has been unpublished] from the admin(LT)
but i don't have written the song i had reguest for lyrics only. I found here too:
that an another member(Miley_Lovato) has do that:
[ keep delete delete]
i believe she is the only one that can give an explanation, one more why are my lyrics used (i can recognize them from the special way that they were written from me) automated as you say and not the lyrics of the other member, and how a member (bamba) who have written only Spanish songs writte a Greek song (the only one) taking, i suppose the lyrics that there are under the video and which are different from my own.
I think there are many unanswered questions here that must be explained.

Fary    Sat, 15/07/2017 - 19:39

In the first case you mention, I think the admin unpublished that specific content. Otherwise, as far as I know, it always says the name of the mod who has unpublished (or merged) something. You can ask the admins about it too.

I could also add you as the author of this song if there's any need to edit the lyrics/video. And you know Greek and bamba doesn't seem to know.

manos512    Sun, 16/07/2017 - 16:09

1st: I say "i suppose" the member bamba don't know Greek language and
2nd:I think a small reference to the name of the member that lyrics are in use would be useful and not only for my song but for every song that the lyrics are different. I know if makes a change in the original lyrics must be change and all of translations. Thank you for your time and do whatever you want, it doesn't matter anymore